Metal doors Metallic fireproof and special doors

They find widest application in building and reconstruction. They are installed in different premises of everyday, industrial, commercial and special usage.

The metal doors, made of stainless steel, are used in food enterprises, satisfying all hygiene requirements.

They feature excellent strength and reliability as well as possess outstanding thermo-insulating indices.

They are fireproof, airtight, soundproof and aesthetical.

The special construction of doors provides resistance to horizontal and vertical mechanical deformations. The shielding fixing rods remove the possibility of unauthorized access into the premises in the case the door loops are cut. Installation of the door locks, produced by leading world firms, guarantees reliability and quality of the doors. Air tightness is provided by special sealing profile rubber. The thermo insulation of the leafs and door casing is caused by rock wool as a kind of filler. Doors are powder painted with polymeric paint of different colours, therefore they are reliable, long lasting and looking good.

Mechanical strength and rigidity of the doors satisfy all standards and requirements


Max width
Max height
Opening & closing reliability
100,000 cycles
Design resistance to breaking
4 categories
Resistance to fire
100 min